Lakes – Route + Kit

The next trip is a 4 day route in the Lakes   The route:           Kit:  

Alport Moor

Location: Alport Moor, Dark Peak, Peak District Derbyshire Distance: 10km Date: May 2018 Shelter: MLD Duomid XL   Meeting up with a few friends after work Friday evening at The Snake Inn we had a couple of pints before heading out towards Bleaklow via Oyster Clough. The plan was to head to Bleaklow Stones to catch the sunset, however as we were delayed leaving the pub…we stopped short and found a nice spot on Alport Moor. The 6 of us setup camp just as the sun was setting. A perfect evening, warm, still and midge free! The night was clear …

Kinder Low

Location: Kinder Low, Dark Peak, Peak District Derbyshire Distance: 12km Date: 23rd-24th December  2017 Shelter: Hex Peak F6                            

Bleaklow Stones

Location: Bleaklow Stones, Dark Peak, Peak District Derbyshire Distance: 34km Date: August  2017 Shelter: MLD Duomid   Having not been out walking since the TGO back in May, it was high time I secured a pass out for an over nighter. A couple of texts later, my friend Dean and I had arranged to meet up in Bamford and head to Bleaklow, that was the extent of our plan. Friday evening I received a message from my mate Dan C and coincidentally he also had plans to head into the Peaks that Saturday. He and Dan H were planning to …

TGO 2017

Plockton to Kinnabar Links (Montrose) Day 0 Thursday 11th May I set off from home around 7am – taxi to Derby Train Station and the 0730 to Birmingham. Pete met me on the train at Burton. Arriving at New Street we hopped onto the airport-bound train, where we bumped into Caburn, also flying to Inverness to start his 2017 TGO. The airline flew Pete and I plus one pack to Inverness… yes, one pack short! After a frustrating visit to the customer services desk and some “computer says no” responses, Flybe agreed to fly Pete’s pack (if found) up to …

Off we go!

So it’s finally time for the off!! Tomorrow morning I’ll be heading to the train station to make my way to Plockton via Inverness thanks to Flybe. Tomorrow will be a day of travel followed by a night in the B&B and hopefully the pub before signing out at 9am on Friday morning to start my 2017 TGOC. I’ll attempt to upload some photos along the way, most likely just to Facebook. Good luck to all the other TGO challengers, see you in the highlands!  

Crux Scout B1 Bivvy Bag

I’ve owned a few bivvy bags over the years but not found one that ticks all the boxes. The main things I look for in a bivvy bag are: Large enough not to compress my sleeping bag Breathable Water resistant Non-slip Light and packs small Bags I’ve owned: Rab Ranger eVent– best bag, only issue was width, but very breathable Alpkit Hunka XL – perfect size but had condensation problems MLD Superlight XL – far too slippy and a naff zip, constantly snags So I’ve sold the above and bought a new bivvy that I’m hoping performs better. Crux, a new name …