A very rare opportunity to clock off early from work on Friday (25th Feb 2022) afternoon Rudi and I headed up to Edale to meet Dan, Bryn and Audrey for an over nighter on Kinder Scout.

Arriving around 4pm we stopped for the obligatory pints at The Old Nags Head. Sadly they aren’t serving the famous 1577 Ale, they are expecting to start again later this year though. 3 pints of Farmers Blonde and a Glenmorangie later, we stepped out into the cool February air and made our way up the track behind the pub. Over the footbridge (currently under repair) and started the climb up the Nab. Slight shortcut across to Golden Clough and within no time at all we arrived on the Plateau. It was now dark so we opted for an immediate camp without the usual debate and walking in endless circles like a dog making their bed…

Dan, Bryn and Audrey were in Dan’s Seakoutside 4 man tent, Rudi and I in my Locus Gear Khafra.

We all piled into Dan’s tent and spent the evening listening to music, eating, drinking and trying to stop Rudi stealing Bryn’s chicken!

The night was clear and dry, the wind gradually picked up to a gusty 20-30mph. I slept well (~5.5hrs) in my Cumulus Panyam 600. I tested a couple of new kit items that I will be taking to Scotland in May, such as the Hyperlite Mountain Gear Southwest 3400 pack which carries very well. My only initial gripe is the roll top which I feel could get tedious. Other than that it sits well, comfortable hip belt and shoulder straps, nice big pockets and feels robust.

I woke to a frozen tent around 6:30am. I decided as it was a clear morning I’d sit-up and watch the sunrise. Bloody fresh morning. I had a quick brew, using the last of my gas bottle and packed my kit away. Dropping the tent down and saying goodbye to the boys I made an early start and headed off around 8:00am.

1.5hrs later I was back at the car and leaving Edale. I really nice wild camp, clear sky’s, sunshine, beers and a good laugh with mates.

Next up, March camp, heading out to meet up with Dean as a sort of pre-TGO warm up.

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