Back to the drawing board for 2022!

As the TGO 2020 didn’t happen (only virtually) and we decided to defer our places from 2021 into 2022, I’m now in the process of replanning our route for next year. Yes, we could have used the previously vetted and approved route out of Mallaig, but the route had a few issues. I can’t put my finger on them specifically but somehow it didn’t excite me and it had a few heavy road bashing days. So for 2022 I’m taking the opportunity to plan an entirely new route.

This time the route will have more equal & manageable daily distances (ideally under 27km + 1000m ascent), it will have a nice balance of remote & social locations (another reason for deferring our places into 2022) and will include some of my favourite mountain areas such as the Affric and Cairngorms ranges.

Its early days in terms of route refinement, it still needs the nod of approval from my fellow ‘challengers’ as well as to be formally route carded, vetted and approved. This will follow over the coming months.

Your comments are really welcome