Alpkit Hunka Bivvy bagBought: 2015
Tested: Yes
My rating: 9.5/10


The Hunka XL Bivvy bag by Alpkit is a great bit of kit. Alpkit have identified one of the most annoying things about a bivvy bag and solved it. Divvy…bivvy bags tend to be small so they can pack down small. However, the smaller they are the more restrictive they are and what’s worse how much they reduce the loft of a sleeping bag (less loft = less insulation). The Hunka is very large, plenty big enough to allow my winter sleeping bag to fully inflate. Another advantage of the larger size means its possible to change clothing whilst inside the bivvy. At the time of writing this I’ve only tested this once but it was in typical wet British weather so I can vouch for its waterproofness. Its well made and looks like it would stand the test of time. My only criticism is the lack of a zip. It’s large size means it has a large opening, whilst this is good it means during a night the opening is wide open and allows rain/insects/small animals inside. It would be an improvement if a zip was added so the size of the opening could be reduced as needed.

1. Great size
2. Less restrictive
3. Doesn’t reduce performance of sleeping bag insulation
4. Well made
5. Tough
6. Price is unbeatable for the quality

1. Lack of a way to close the hood securely


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