Wool Packs

The plan was for me to pick up Dean en route to The Snake Inn where we’d meet Dan. From there we were going to head up to Fairbrook Naze where Russ would join us later that evening after work. However, The Snake Inn was closed for refurbishment! Stood out in the rain Dean, Dan and I replanned.

30mins or so later we’d parked up in Edale and sat in the Nag Head with beers. After a couple we’d managed get through to Russ to let him know we’d changed plans and were now heading up Kinder from Edale.

We decided to stay in the pub until Russ arrived to avoid any issues meeting up once on the top (honest that was the reason!).

Leaving the pub we started the gradual climb to Grindslow Knoll and along the South Edge towards Swines Back. It was starting get dark by the time we arrived at Wool Packs so we set about putting the accommodation up.

Dan had kindly offered to provide the accommodation on this occasion as he’d recently bought yet another tent! This was Locus Gear Soris, beast! Sleeps 6-8 people so a mansion for 4 and Audrey!

Once we’d tented we headed off to get some water, heading back to Crowden Brook (at the top) we bumped into two gentlemen looking for somewhere to pitch. They asked if they could pitch next to our tent (probably to take advantage of the massive wind block it created).

Arriving back at the tent with water we got food on the go and listened to some music. The other two gents joined us in the Soris for the evening, they were starting a section hike of the Pennine Way.

I woke to the sound of the other two guys outside packing their tent away and heading off. We had a relatively lazy morning before packing away and heading back down to Edale, this time via Grinds Brook.

After a full English in The Nags we went our separate ways and headed home.

A great mini adventure with great company!

Here’s the video Dean put together



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