Kinder Scout – Solo

Winter is by far my favourite time of year for a trip to Kinder Scout or in fact any summit. Midday Sunday I chucked my kit in the boot and set off for Edale. I was meeting a few friends (Tim, Faz and Andy) in The Nags Head for a beer. They’d been for a walk that day and planned to go to the pub before catching the train back to Manchester.

Arriving in busy Edale I parked at the Ramblers Inn who charged me £10!! Double what I paid the last time (ok it was 2016 but really).

(Clockwise: Me left, Tim, Andy, Faz)

Familiar faces to those that have done the TGO Challenge, most of my 2017 crossing was spent with these reprobates, great times!!!

Leaving the pub I headed up onto Kinder and West across to Wool Packs. By the time I got to Crowden Brook it was starting to get dark so I filled up with water and carried it over to Wool Packs. I found a perfect spot 100m south of the main path, looking over the Vale of Edale. Duomid pitched I dived in as it was starting to get baltic!

It was a cold and windy night, although dry. Only absolutely necessary trips were taken outside the tent , my watch (off my wrist) showed -1c inside the shelter, probably -8c with windchill outside. (Hence nothing interesting photographed that night)

I was just about warm enough in the PHD bag although I wouldn’t use it in any lower temperatures, 400g fill which is rated to -5c. The next morning the sunrise was a welcome sight, the wind had dropped completely so I jumped outside and took a few snaps before my hands froze again. Back in the tent for a brew and breakfast. I sat there for about an hour watching the light change as the sun came up, time to get moving.

Shaking the ice off the tent everything was stuffed into the pack, a “leave no trace” check and then off I went back towards Crowden Tower.

I past a few early morning walkers on my way down and a small group of DofE on a two day trip who I stopped to talk to briefly. Back to the car at The Ramblers Inn I headed off for home.

Cumulus may be receiving an order for a winter bag soon……


    1. Hi Paula, sorry only just spotted your message. Yes it was great to see them again and hear about this years crossing. Subject to a lucky draw I’ll be on the 2020 TGO. Any more for you?


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