Location: Woolpacks, Kinder Scout, Peak District Derbyshire

Distance: 14km

Date: November 2016

Kit: MLD DuoMid + Exped Downmat 7 Ultra Light + PHD Custom Sleeping Bag (Minim K Series)

Fifteenth Wild Camp

I met up with my mate Dean Read for a walk and wild camp on Kinder, the intension being we’d head over to Kinder Low to get a good view of Manchester and maybe see some fireworks. We met at the Ramblers Inn at Edale where they let you park overnight for £5. We had a quick pint and set off to the Nags Head for another quick pint….

We left the pub and headed up Grindslow Knoll and followed the Kinder perimeter path west to Woolpacks. It was starting to go dark and began snowing as we arrived, Kinder Low is a further 1-2 hours along so we decided to look for a suitable spot to pitch the shelters. We found a great spot slightly sheltered from the wind by two large boulders overlooking the Vale of Edale. I was using the MLD Duomid XL and Dean in his new HexPeak. The evening was a cold and windy one so ventures outside were kept to a minimum. Although we didn’t get to see the views of Manchesters fireworks as originally planned we did manage to spot some distant firework displays towards Buxton.

The wind gusted around 30mph for most of the night but the morning was still, although frosty. Dean managed to capture a great timelapse of the sunrise which you can see in his video here. Both of us had places we needed to be that afternoon so we packed up and continued west along the perimeter path to Pym Chair and over to Brown Knoll along the new flagstone path. Joining the Chapel Gate path we walked back into Edale to the cars at The Ramblers Inn.

A short but enjoyable wild camp with a good mixture of winter weather. Here are a few photos took on my iPhone, Dean has much better photos of the walk on his blog here DeanRead.net and here PeakRoutes.com.


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