​Location: Robins Wood Derbyshire
Distance: 6km
Date: April 2015
Kit: DD Super light Hammock and DD 3×3 Tarp

Time for another Micro Wild camp, this time to test the new DD Hammocks Superlight hammock. Woodland being a major prerequisite I starting scanning Google Earth for a suitable wood that was not too far away from home, fairly large and away from civilisation. Robins Wood is a Forestry Commission managed woodland with a mixture of pine and broadleaf with many cycle paths and bridleways crossing it. Tim and I parked at the nearby village of Ticknall and followed a footpath north for a couple of km’s before entering the wood. As you can just about see from the video there must have been some sort of cross-country running event on recently as the paths within the wood were heavily churned up. We walked through the wood for a couple of hours before selecting the most suitable camping spot which was alongside a stream (not suitable for drinking) where the trees thinned out enough for the hammocks and tarps. Tim opted to use his small tarp as a lean-to and I went for the traditional ridge line tarp (3mx3m) and hammock setup. It rained for most of the walk in but stopped by the time we were setting up and stayed dry for the night. Where we had chosen to camp is was obvious its used by others as there was a fire pit and a number of logs cut and turned up as seats. We got a fire going and cooked a meal, drank beer and put the world to rights before calling it a night. It was a windy night although sheltered by the trees the wind whistled through the canopy above. Owls seem to be very abundant as most of the night calls could be heard all around the woodland. The morning was dry with a small amount of mist hanging in the air. Breakfast was sausage sandwiches with brown sauce served with coffee (posh I know!). During breakfast we had a couple of visors in camp, a family of deer walked passed us within 20 metres. Packing the kit away we headed back to the car and departed by 09:00am.

A very relaxing Micro Wild Camp, the hammock was very warm and comfortable, definitely coming with me on the next Micro Wild Camp.

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