Location: Crookstone Knoll, Dark Peak, Peak District Derbyshire

Distance: 20km

Date: May 2016

Kit: MLD DuoMid + Exped Downmat 7 Ultra Light + Wilderness Down Quilt

Thirteenth Wild Camp

I’ve been meaning to write a report on this route for ages and only just got round to doing it, so this will be brief as its all from memory. I met up with my good friend Graeme in Hope and set off for Lose Hill. We didn’t really have a plan other than to head to Crookstone Knoll. We followed the busy path along Mam Tor and dropped into Edale where we sampled a few pints in the Nags before climbing The Nab to Ringing Roger. Following the Kinder path East we dropped just below Crookstone Knoll for a wild camp. I was using my MDL Duomid and Graeme using his MLD Trailstar. The evening was cold but dry and the morning was thick with cloud but cleared by the time we packed away. Following the Roman Road we got back to the cars midmorning. A very nice easy route, great weather and a few pints.

The report doest really do this trip justice, but given this was 5 months ago I’ve had to summarise it. Graeme has a great YouTube channel where he did a much better job of covering the route with a video, check out his channel here, the video here and his blog site here.


I took a few photo’s on my iPhone:



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