Here is a list of my wild camping adventures, including the distance, number of days, shelter used. The title for each adventure links to a write up of the route.

RouteDistanceElevation MaxElevation GainedNightsDateShelter
Kinder19.16027111August 2012Vaude Power Lizard
Baslow263707901January 2013Vaude Power Lizard
Bleaklow33.462210312August 2013Vaude Power Lizard
Shining Tor25.75517761October 2013DD Hammock
Wooler Knoll30.64478631January 2014Trailstar
Alport Castle27.558312501March 2014Trailstar
Tryfan19.3102917852July 2014Trailstar
Derwent29.953911011November 2014Trailstar
Foremark10001Feburary 2015BPL Tarp/Bivvy
Robin Wood10001March 2015DD Hammock
Alport Dale14.75175551May 2015BPL Tarp/Bivvy
Dove Dale16.42964781July 2015BPL Tarp/Bivvy
Pen Y Fan2186511291August 2015BPL Tarp/Bivvy
Kinder North Edge14.46335941January 2016Trailstar
Cadair Idris9.88699091Feburary 2016Duomid XL
Crookstone Knoll20.35548301May 2016Duomid XL
Back Tor75262641May 2016Duomid XL
WoolPacks14.16145031November 2016Duomid XL
Kinder Jacobs Ladder15.2
6186381April 2017Trailstar 2
TGO 2017360129185089 Wild Camps
(3 bothies)
3 campsites
1 hostel
(13 night in total)
May 2017Trailstar 2
Bleaklow Stones34.16038701August 2017Duomid
Kinder Low
126344911December 2017Hexpeak 6 (Tim's)
Alport Moor105373851May 2018Duomid XL
Lake District5097830153May 2018Duomid XL
Wool Packs8.56114791Sept 2018Duomid XL
Kinder Scout Solo8.56115131Oct 2018Duomid XL
Bleaklow Stones186305271January 2019Trailstar 2
Lakes3386921532May 2019Locus Gear Khafra
Swines Back95945051Aug 2019Locus Gear Soris
Seal Stones85924641Jan 2020MLD Mondomid
Fairbrook Naze16.56326901July 2020Locus Gear Khafra
Crookstone Knoll12.45244081July 2020Trailstar 2
Swines Back8.56144801October 2020Locus Gear Khafra
TOTALS952.9 km33, 695 m46 nights