What’s it all about….

I believe wild camping is a careful balance of adventure, survival and exploration . Wild camping forces you to think about survival, plan the adventure and enables vast exploration. There’s a great sense of achievement gained from wild camping, although difficult to put into words, put simply, it’s going back to basics, relying on your own knowledge and abilities, getting away from the confines of everyday life and exploring the wild landscapes.

The rules….

The rules are simple, wild camping without the land owners permission is illegal. Having said that it is generally tolerated in most wild areas with a little common sense. Scotland and parts of Dartmoor wild camping is perfectly legal.

A few simple rules to follow are:

  1. Don’t light fires! Absolutely not necessary.
  2. Pitch late and leave early e.g. pitch at dusk, leave at dawn
  3. Leave no trace! Everything you carried out gets carried home with you.
  4. Be discrete
  5. Don’t wild camp in large numbers
  6. Keep safe and within your abilities e.g. don’t just create work for Mountain Rescue!

Where to & where not…..

Following the rules above, with a little imagination, it is possible to wild camp practically anywhere. The best places tend to be higher access land areas above/away from any farming land and away from public footpaths.

Areas to avoid are:

1. National Trust Areas
2. Private/commercial Property
3. Industrial areas

The info I’ve included in this section is info I’ve gathered from my experience and observations which should be used with common sense and discretion.