Off we go!

So it’s finally time for the off!!

Tomorrow morning I’ll be heading to the train station to make my way to Plockton via Inverness thanks to Flybe. Tomorrow will be a day of travel followed by a night in the B&B and hopefully the pub before signing out at 9am...Read More »

Crux Scout B1 Bivvy Bag

I’ve owned a few bivvy bags over the years but not found one that ticks all the boxes. The main things I look for in a bivvy bag are:

  1. Large enough not to compress my sleeping bag
  2. Breathable
  3. Water resistant
  4. Non-slip
  5. Light and packs small

Bags I’ve owned:

  1. Rab Ranger eVent– best bag, only issue was width, but...Read More »

TGO Route - Vetted & Approved

Having had our vetters feedback and responded to the adjustments the route is now approved and finalised.

The comments from the vetters were both very helpful and extremely thorough containing not just sound route advice but some great tips on places to visit. Equally they provided a suggestion on what to...Read More »

Rich & Pete Hike for British Red Cross

Pete and I reckon the TGO Challenge is a great opportunity to raise some money for charity. Therefore we’ve setup a website and Facebook page detailing our adventure along with info regarding how people can sponsor us. Donations are for the British Red Cross and you can find links to our donations...Read More »

TGO 2017 - Route Submission

OK a brief update, so the route card has been submitted to the TGO for vetting. The route starts at Plockton on the 12th May and passes through Fort Augustus, Kingussie, the Cairngorms and into Braemar. It then heads south to Lochcallater, Glen Cova, East to Tarfside and then to...Read More »

TGO Challenge 2017 - Planning so far

So..I have a place on next years TGO Challenge!!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been refining the kit list and working on the route. I’m fairly happy with the kit I’m taking as its pretty much the kit I’ve used over the last few years with a few minor tweaks...Read More »

TGOC 2017 The very draft route....v1


There are many more hours of planning and refining the route yet, however this is the basic route I’m working on. Camping locations are approximate and will be properly defined as the planning continues. I also need to plan the Foul Weather Alternative (FWA) route which will stick to lower...Read More »

TGO Kit List


Updated Kit List for my TGO crossing, this is a work in progress but as of Feb 2017 it’s about 95% there.

...Read More »

TGO 2017....Application


Well my application for next years TGO Challenge has been submitted!!! Apparently I’m the first applicant for TGOC2017, I happened to notice the online application form became available last night so without hesitation I submitted it. The application process involves answering a few questions to assess your experience,...Read More »

2016 Update from UKWildCamper

My profile

It’s been a while since I posted anything on my website so I thought as Christmas and New Years eve celebrations are now out the way it is time I updated my blog. The last wild camp seems a lifetime ago back in August 2015 when I camped on Brecon....Read More »

Monarch Chair - Alite

Testing the Monarch Chair and priming the MSR!

Bought: 2015
Tested: Yes
My rating: 9.5/10

The Monarch folding chair by Alite.

The solution to comfortable seating around camp! This may be extravagant, unnecessary, extra weight, extra bulk and a bit...Read More »

Wilderness Down 4 Season Quilt - Backpackinglight

Bought: 2015
Tested: Yes (summer)
My rating: 9.9*/10

The Wilderness Over/Under 4 Season Down Quilt by Backpackinglight. I’ve always struggled to sleep in a mummy style sleeping bag, I tend to move about in my sleep and move my legs around occasionally sticking a leg out to regulate...Read More »

Alpkit Hunka XL Bivvy Bag

Alpkit Hunka Bivvy bag

Bought: 2015
Tested: Yes
My rating: 9.5/10


The Hunka XL Bivvy bag by Alpkit is a great bit of kit. Alpkit have identified one of the most annoying things about a bivvy bag and solved it. Divvy…bivvy bags tend to be small so they can pack...Read More »